Denis Tallédec

Director of the Culture Barbars Collective and Coordinator of the Nightlife Platform, Elected official, city of Nantes and to Nantes Métropole (France)

Denis Tallédec has specialised  in the contemporary music sector for more than twenty years. He has been able to appreciate this sector in various ways: as administrator of contemporary music structures, Head of the information services sector and a regional mission at Trempolino, Chief of the resource network at the branch of Printemps de Bourges, Director of the Regional Pole for Contemporary Music in the Pays de la Loire, free-party mediator for the Region Prefect, and so on. During the latter role, he accompanied public authorities in their spatial planning policies. He is now Director of Culture Bar-Bars, the national federation for cultural cafes and clubs, and coordinator of the Plateforme de la vie nocturne. Alongside this, he is also an elected official of the city of Nantes and Nantes Metropole, in charge of public security and crime prevention.