Benedek Javor

Head of the Representation of Budapest at the EU (Hungary)

Benedek Javor is the Head of the Representation of Budapest in Brussels. His role is to strengthen the relationship between the City of Budapest and the EU institutions, to lobby and represent city interests throughout the EU’s decision-making bodies, co-operating with EU level urban associations/umbrella organisations, and to map out EU funding opportunities for urban projects, with a specific attention to climate action. Benedek Javor also works on horizontal networks and relations with other European cities. He was Member of the European Parliament (2014-2019) and Member of the Parliament of Hungary (2010-2014).  



Do you have any specific hopes or predictions for the future of urban security? (What will urban security look like in 30 years? What will be the main opportunities and risks?)


Climate change is an increasingly crucial issue that has ramifications in each and every aspect of our social and economic functions. Although its effects on and links with urban security are increasingly obvious, there are still few public discussions on that issue. Heat waves, storms, floods, forest and bush fires, and climate migration are all set to become daily challenges for urban security. My aim is to intensify the public discourse on the interlinked issues of climate and urban security, and to build up a complex framing that encompasses climate, social justice, economic, democratic and urban security issues instead of the silo approach we generally have nowadays.



Why do you think it is so important to involve citizens in urban security practice?


Climate change and security threats both influence citizens’ daily life, and efficient, feasible solutions can be developed and applied only with their active participation and deep understanding of the reasons such measures.