El Salvador initiates a diploma in training in social prevention of violence, as part of the EUROsociAL II programme

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San Salvador, El Salvador, 26 August 2013 – A new university degree in training in social prevention of violence was opened on 26 August 2013 at the University of El Salvador, as part of an initiative of the General Directorate for the Prevention of Violence and the Culture of Peace (Prepaz) of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security of El Salvador, and in collaboration with Efus.

As executive partner of the EUROsociAL II programme, Efus supports this initiative aimed at training promotors or managers of programmes for social prevention of violence. The objective is to promote and foster research, and to train technical and operational managers. Students who will attend this course of studies will acquire skills that will enable them to understand the various types of violence at play in El Salvador, and to elaborate and implement programmes for the prevention and fight against violence.

Five experts who are part of Efus’ network contributed to the programme of studies, which is aimed at enabling teachers to become experts in technical training in social prevention of violence. This project allows Efus to share its experience in urban security with its Central American partners, and also to share with the members of its network a unique experience in the field of social prevention of violence outside of Europe.

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http://www.humanidades.ues.edu.sv/content/docentes-universitarios-reciben-diplomado-en-prevenci%C3%B3n-de-la-violencia Universidad de El Salvador

Instalando capacidades en prevención social de la violencia EUROsociAL II