SecuCity Jobs -Projects, 1997-2000

SecuCity Jobs -Projects, 1997-2000

The EFUS committed to activities of lifelong training for new jobs of urban safety, leaving outside repressive roles. In total, the EFUS carried out three projects between 1997 and 2000:

The ‘European dimension SecuCity Manager’, in the framework of the European Leonardo Da Vinci programme, which aimed at creating a European university training for those who are responsible for urban safety, known as SecuCity Managers. The objective was to establish a common expertise for all actors and to work towards a common certification recognised by the member states.

City partners: Antwerp (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Trento (Italy), Parma, Bologna, Region of Emilia-Romagna. Associated partner: University of the West of England (Bristol).

The programme was concluded with the seminar ‘’The grand workshop of Secucities Managers’’ that took place from 22 to 24 May 2000 in Paris.

The ‘SecuCity Manager project’, in the framework of the Community Initiative Program (PIC) ADAPT, which aimed at reinforcing the managerial competences of urban safety related agents (in particular, setting up a partnership, organising democratic debates, and having a better organisation in general) and at encouraging the cities to include the function of a SecuCity Manager into their planning charts.

The ‘SecuCity Insertion program’, in the framework of the Community Initiative Program (PIC) EMPLOI, which was concerned by the training for the emerging crafts within the context of urban security, respecting the principle of equal opportunities (men/women).

The projects were articulated around national and trans-national partnerships, comprising the member cities of the network and also a certain number of training organisations or associations.

The overall conclusions of the SecuCity Jobs –Projects can be found to the EFUS publication: EFUS, Profession Secucities Manager, 2000