“Teaching Urban Security in Europe”, Dijon seminar, 2005

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EFUS’ role            Co-organiser of the meeting, with the  City of Dijon, the Greater Dijon and the University of Burgundy


Partners                See below in report. Others will have the opportunity to join the consortium of universities later.


Content                  Creating of links between European Master programmes in the field of Urban Safety.


                                The City of Dijon (France) will first sponsor its Master, the EFUS being responsible for the ‘European’ aspect as well as the progressive development of partnerships with other cities. The EFUS is also seeking support from private partners, and negotiations are underway. The aim of this project is to enable exchanges of students and teachers, and also to establish a partnership between the partner cities that could make training offers to students.


Meetings                All the potential partners met on March 24th and 25th in Dijon to discuss the future content of this Master, and to establish an inventory of existing programmes.  A detailed report will be available very soon on this webpage, but you can already have a look of the presentation each partner made of existing training courses (see below ).


Presentations :


Blueprint scheme ” presented by the EFUS

(French version only, English version available very soon).


– Conclusions presentation (EFUS)  


– Presentation of the Master “Security Management” of Dijon (France)(French version only) 


– Presentation of the training activities of the Italian Forum for Urban Safety

(French version)


– Presentation of the Crime Prevention   Academy Police College of

Budapest (Hungary) (English Version)


– Presentation of the College of police and security of the University of

Maribor (Slovenia). (English version)


– Identity form of the training of the University of West England (English



– Presentation of Crime Prevention in Estonia (English Version)


– Presentation on the University of Liege (Belgium) (French version)


– Presentation of the of Faculty of Politics and Internatioanl relations of Matej

Bel (Slovakia) (French version)