A European urban security training programme at Master’s level

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The consortium formed of the universities of Toulouse (CERP), Maribor, Liège, Berlin (TU), Barcelona (UOC) and Efus presents its proposal for a Master’s level European training programme in urban security, the “European Certificate in Urban Security” / “European Executive Master’s in Urban Security (ECU / EEMUS).

This training programme is a European response to the training needs in the new areas of urban security, and has been developed with the support of the European Commission as part of the project “Towards a European Master’s in Urban Security” and in cooperation with the Forum’s member cities.

It is based on a network of European universities and thus benefits from the pooling of partners’ knowledge. Each of them is recognised in the field and brings their own experience to the training programme. The affiliated research centres herald from different academic fields, which meets the needs of students wishing to be involved in the field of urban security.

The ECUS is inclusive and interdisciplinary, making use of knowledge in disciplines such as criminology, political science, law, geography, sociology and others, and is based on research and field experience. While this is a purely academic programme, it aims to train (future) professionals rather than researchers. The involvement of professionals from the Forum in the course’s mandatory internships and as guests in classes, as well as supporting dissertation work ensures the vocational dimension.

In addition to this interdisciplinary, vocational approach there is a significant European dimension. Each training module presents different problems from a comparative perspective at a European level. The program thus provides students with a comprehensive overview of ideas and approaches.

The challenges of the training programme proposed aim to broaden horizons and see situations in a different light, to develop intercultural and language skills, understand the problems of crime prevention in Europe and treat multiple security questions on a European level. The mobility of students and ECUS / EEMUS professors is fundamental to the project. Thanks to the online learning platform developed for the programme, this mobility can also be virtual.

This project is innovative as it targets the future creation of a European campus, dedicated to urban security issues, which will allow professionals access to this academic and European training offer.

Full details of the teaching programme are in the Eemus brochure

Following the development of the programme and the online training platform, the consortium is now working on the running of this project, and is currently in contact with other universities that could supplement the consortium and contribute to the teaching programme.

More information under www.masterinurbansecurity.eu