Accompanying CCTV in Dobrich, Bulgaria (2009-2010)

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Saint-Herblain accompanies Dorbrich in its project to make use of CCTV

The city of Dobrich – 100 000 inhabitants, located at the north-east of Bulgaria, 35km from the Black Sea – has been considering installing a CCTV system. In order to well invest its money it would like to learn of good practice from another European city how to use video surveillance to manage the public space. The city has therefore contacted the European Forum to organise an exchange of experiences and to accompany it in the preparation of its project to make use of CCTV.

The European Forum has launched with the project « Citizens, cities and video surveillance » a European initiative on the good use of CCTV and its national platforms such as the French Forum have accumulated important experiences in the field. The city of Saint-Herblain – which chaires the French Forum and which is very involved in the question of CCTV – has accepted to accompany Dobrich together with EFUS.

This exchange does not only Dobrich to learn from Saint-Herblain, it also allows the Forum to widen its horizon to Central Europe with respect to ongoing projects on CCTV and local safety audits and hopefully to soon welcome its first Bulgarian member.

The project will start 24-27 November 2009 with an evaluation and diagnosis visit in Dobrich. Then, needs will be analysed in a short local safety audit and this process will be completed with an evaluation visit taking place in Saint-Herblain, and other presentations about the suitable video surveillance use in the member cities of the EFUS. These analysis and recommendations will lead to an action plan for Dobrich. The project will finish with a final conference, in which not only the EFUS and Saint-Herblain will participate, but also its Bulgarian twin city Kazanluk and other actors of the Dobrich region.

This exchange is financed by the EU’s structural funds. The city of Dobrich shows the example: Especially for new member states, there are quite generous opportunities for local authorities to obtain financing for bilateral or multilateral exchange – also in the area of security and crime prevention.