CCTV initiative: First Central European city signs Charter – Czech Ministry organises international conference

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The Polish city of Sosnowiec has signed the Charter for the Democratic Use of Video Surveillance, becoming the first Central European city to do so. The Mayor of Sosnowiec Kazimerz Gorski followed the invitation of Efus president Guilherme Pinto by affirming publicly the commitment of his city to respect the principles stated in the Charter. With this move, Mr Gorski takes the lead of the initiative for a responsible and democratic use of CCTV in Poland and Central Europe.

The Efus initiative is also being supported in the Czech Republic. The Czech Ministry of the Interior, which had been involved the project “Citizens, cities and video surveillance”, organises a conference on this theme, in cooperation with the Forum. It will take place on February, 18 in Prague. Chaired by the Deputy Minister, the conference will focus on the various issues at stake when using CCTV, in particular data protection. It will feature presentations by several Czech and Slovak experts, who intervene at the local, regional and national level in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, this meeting will give the Forum the opportunity to present its initiative on CCTV to Czech local authorities.

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Interested Efus members can participate in the event upon registration with the Efus secretariat (

The Charter for the Democratic Use of Video Surveillance is open for signature. More information on the initiative, and all other documents can be found under