ICPC-Fifth annual colloquium on crime prevention, Santiago (Chile) 27th-28th October 2005

ICPC-Fifth annual colloquium on crime prevention, Santiago (Chile) 27th-28th October 2005

The international Centre for the Prevention of Crime with the support of the Ministry of the Interior of Chile organised a colloquium on Strategic Partnerships for Effective Crime Prevention and brought together representatives from national, regional and local government, the private sector (e.g. insurance companies, media, security industries, chambers of commerce etc), the Police, NGOs and academia for the first time to debate and exchange information on three areas of inquiry within the broader theme of The roles of the private sector in prevention. These include:

-Opportunities and challenges of involving members of the private sector in wider crime prevention programmes and strategies

-An examination of trends and issues within private security, and implications for strategic and effective partnerships in prevention.

-The use of security technologies in crime prevention, raising and examining issues of exclusion, privacy and accountability.

The participants summarized some key trends, developments and issues in the area of private sector involvement in crime prevention. They suggested why business should give much greater attention to investing in crime prevention given the impact of crime on business and communities. In particular, they outlined the challenges in mobilizing, working with, and sustaining the support of the private sector in strategic crime prevention initiatives, and provided some examples of projects and initiatives in countries in the North and South. They called attention to an important and strategic actor in crime prevention, which for the most part has remained unexamined, unclear, taken-for-granted, and in some instances, misunderstood, or excluded from community safety partnerships.

The term private sector has many variations across countries. The private sector is made up of a number of different business types, ranging from small local businesses to multinational corporations. Sectors can include but are not restricted to the following: Insurance, Retail, Service, Leisure and Tourism, Landlords, Agriculture, Building and Construction, Transport, Financial Services, Utilities, Communications and Media.