Crime under a different perspective, September 2004


Sum Up
 For a long time, measurement of crime has relied on police, judicial or correctional statistics.
However, resorting to alternative sources has become crucial, especially – in the case of violent and property street crime – to general population surveys. Crime victimisation surveys are most commonly used, as are self-reported delinquency surveys.
Public Safety Monitoring Centres are being established – at the national, regional, urban and possibly soon European levels –  to compare the results of those different measurement procedures. Many of them, however, yield poor results, for lack of sufficient autonomy and scientific expertise for the fulfilment of their goal.
These surveys are increasingly used for the measurement of controversial phenomena, such as illegal drugs use, school violence etc.
Over and beyond measurement, these surveys open absolutely new avenues to the study of crime. Drawing upon examples from several countries in the EU, the special issue explores some of these.

Trim./September 2004 – Vol. 28 – N° 3

 Changing crime over two decades of the British Crime Survey, M. HOUGH – P.MAYHEW
 Crime victimisation surveys ans police statistics : a difficult comparison, H. LAGRANGE – M.L. POTTIER – R.ZAUBERMAN – Ph. ROBERT
 Victimisation surveys in schools ; some criticisms and methodological innovations, É. DEBARBIEUX
 Arrested drug users, self-reported drug users : the two faces of the cannabis smoker, P. PERETTI-WATEL – F. BECK – S. LEGLEYE
 Tourism and safety in Andalusia : a crime victimisation survey in the tourists population, M.-F. AEBI
 Types of victims, types of victimisation, R. ZAUBERMAN – Ph. ROBERT – M.L. POTTIER
 The distribution of crime victimisation in the population, T. HOPE – A. TRICKETT