Efus organises a training workshop in social prevention of violence in the Panamean province of Darien

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Province of Darien, Panama, 2-6 June 2014 – Efus conducted a training workshop in social prevention of violence in the Panamean province of Darien, as part of its activities as executive partner of the EUROsociAL cooperation programme/axis “citizen security”.

Darien is a remote region situated near the border with Colombia, at about 300km from Panama City. As such, it is not taking part in many of the activities carried in other parts of the country through the EUROsociAL programme.


The overall objectives of the workshop organised by Efus was to contribute to the promotion of social prevention of violence and to continue the training of trainers, as was done with the diploma in social prevention of violence in Panama organised in 2013. More specifically, the five-day training was aimed at providing local stakeholders with tools so they can draw and implement actions based on the social approach of the prevention of violence. The workshop was organised with the support of the ISAE University and the Ministry of the Presidency of Panama, through the Secretariat for sustainable development in the province of Darien (SEPRODACAN, according to the Spanish acronym).

The participants were local community leaders who work with children and youngsters at risk of social exclusion, representatives of institutions in charge of security (SENAN and SENAFRONT) who work on youth programmes, among other with the local police, and civil servants who work with children and teenagers.


The workshop was imparted by two professors of the ISAE University, Celis Oses and Mitxela Arauz, who obtained in 2013 their diploma in social prevention of violence. An expert of Efus’ network, Paulo Machado, who contributed to the design and implementation of the diploma in 2013, also intervened.

The workshop was set up in response to the need of local capacity building in the area of local prevention programmes linked to the national programmes, and the need for local urban security partnership. Thanks to the work conducted in Panama since the beginning of the EUROsociAL programme, there is now a group of academics experts in social prevention of violence who are able to design adequate responses to the complex issues of violence in Panama.


The EUROsociaAL programme is also an opportunity for Efus to share the experience of European cities in crime prevention and urban security, and to promote the involvement of local actors in security and peaceful coexistence.


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