EU Project on local democracy, social cohesion and security, 2007-2008

Title: The European Forum for Urban Safety coordinated a project cofinanced by the European Commission within the Active Citizenship programme on local democracy, social cohesion and security.
Objectives: The idea of the project was to emphasise the role of local authorities as the best mediators between citizens on the one hand and European institutions on the other hand, since democratically elected mayors not only represent citizens’ voices and concerns, but they are also responsible for implementing EU programmes and policies at the local level.
The project, carried out in partnership with the Lithuanian Association of Local Authorities and with the Romanian Association of Towns was intended to raise and enhance awareness on European polices at local level and to foster a debate on one of the four priorities of the European Commission: the democratic establishment of a European area of security.
The key process should be the reinforcement of the cooperation among citizens, their local elected officials and the European institutions. Since citizens’ involvement is essential in building an area of freedom, justice and safety in Europe, the project will aim at supporting the local elected officials in their role as relays between citizens and the European institutions.
Approach: The project was developed by means of a toolkit intended for local elected officials. Under the form of a CD-ROM in four languages ( French, English, Lithuanian and Romanian), the material  answers local authorities’ needs on the way to ensure social cohesion and safety for their citizens.  
This toolkit is now available!

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