Seminar “Secucities Role of Local Officials in Crime Prevention”, October 28th – 29th 2004, Esnchede

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SecuCites Local Elected officials

The role and competences of local officials in crime prevention

Seminar, Enschede the 28th 29th of October  2004   Program

Council room of Enschede

11h00                          Opening of the session

11h00-11h15               Presentation by Carla Napolano project manager of European forum for Urban Safety  and round table

11h15-11h45               Presentation of the program “Secucites : the role of local officials in crime prevention” by Anne WYVEKENS and Carla NAPOLANO

11h45-13h00               Debat about crime prevention : local level and national level

13h00-14h00               Lunch Break

14h00-15h30               The actors and the partnership. The mayor : responsabile of the local partnership

15h30-17h30               city audit

17h30                          End of the first day.

Council room of Enschede

10h00                          Reception and opening of the session
10h00-10h30               Welcome by  Mr MANS, Mayor of Enschede

10h30-11h00               Presentation of the EFUS and the AGIS project by Mr Michel MARCUS, General Director of EFUS

11h00-11h15               Questions

11h15-11h30               coffee break

11h30-13h00               The production of safety and the realization on the cities. The actions

13h00-14h00               Lunch break

14h00-15h30               The political speech. In which way security and criminal prevention is part of the political discussion? Does it have a large priority in (local) politics? Which bond is there between political tendency and choice as crime prevention?

15h30-16h00               The publication (common recommendations )

16h00-16h30               Evaluation of the seminar by the partners

16h30-17h00               Conclusion by Ms. Anne WYVEKENS

17h00                          End of seminar