Two seminars on Urban Safety and Community Participation, From Brent (UK) to Turin (IT), December 1999 and March 2000

The first seminar took place in Brent (London Borough, UK) and gathered 18 European cities: Barcelona (Es), Bilbao (Es), Bron (Fr), Calcais (Pt), Charleroi (Be), Edinburgh (Uk), Grenoble (Fr), Liège (Be), Lisbonne (Pt), Mulhouse (Fr), Namur (Be), Naples (It), Porto (Pt), Roubaix (Fr), Saint-Denis (Fr), Saint-Herblain (Fr), Turin (It) and two NGOs from UK : Crime Concern and Nacro.

The cities confirmed the necessity to associate inhabitants to the definition of local policies of safety. For this reason, the cities agreed that they should decrease the distance between people and actors of public authorities and create common, sustainable and compelling standards.

The seminar in Turin placed politics at the heart of local dispositions for urban safety. The cities agreed that the role of politics and mostly of local elected officials is to create some standards of common life and that the participation of inhabitants can both help and control the government. This would come as natural result of an active participation that would include a policy well-informed on social expectations, citizen participation for the drafting of projects and evaluation of practices. This kind of participation would be both a way of controlling and creating a social consensus.