On s’en foot: theatre as a prevention tool towards supporters in Liege

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Liege (Belgium), 13 February 2013 – On s’en foot (a play on words that means “we don’t care”) is a show born of a theatre workshop initiated by Fan Coaching with supporters of the Standard of Liege (Belgium), as part of its Open Stadium (Stade ouvert) project. During a season, a group of about 10 football fans learned to act and produced a series of short scenes representing their lives as supporters, based on improvisations.

The play was originally due to be shown only once. But the reaction from the audience prompted organisers to schedule a series of performances in 2012, some in venues as prestigious as the Théâtre de la Place, the Caserne Fonck, the Comédie Centrale of Liege, the Salle des Tréteaux of Visé, as well as in the room reserved for supporters at the Fan Coaching offices in Sclessin.

What makes a supporter? What is it like to be the wife of a supporter? What is a person capable of doing to live their passion? The play tackles with humour these questions, which some supporters deal with in their daily life. It also shows how a passion can be shared among several generations.

This project was initiated by Fan Coaching as part of its actions to create links between supporters and the community, and between sport and culture.

Directed by Sylvain Plouette, who is both an actor and an educator, it will be shown on 31 May 2013 at the Trocadéro of Liege.

More information on the Standard of Liege’s website