AUDITS project: work meeting on the new guide book on local audits to be published later this year

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Paris, February 2015 – What methodological tools are available to local authorities for their security and prevention policies? What strategies can they implement to base such policies on evidence? What main challenges are they facing in 2015? What new tools do they have at their disposal? These were some of the themes discussed at the work meeting of the AUDITS project organised by Efus in Paris, on 9-10 February.


The project’s partners and experts also worked on the content of the new publication that will complete and update the 2008 Guidance on Local Safety Audits: Compendium of International Practices.

The main objective of the new publication is to disseminate the “audits approach” and to make it easier to use thanks to the description of tools and the analysis of different situations in which they can be used.

The project’s partners and experts agreed that it is important to recall that the “audits approach” is an ongoing process that enables local authorities to build a consensus and to strengthen an integrated and participatory management of security.

In order to better represent the diversity of European countries and to remedy the absence of some countries within the current partnership, Efus and its partners will have support from another expert, Svetislav Paunović, and a group of students in Political Science. Furthermore, Efus invites all members interested in contributing to this project to contact the project managers.

Efus also invites all members to the conference during which the new guidebook will be presented, scheduled to be held on 3-4 December 2015 in Rotterdam (Netherlands) in presence of the Mayor of the city, Ahmed Aboutaleb, and of representatives of European institutions.