Seminar on local safety audit, Brussels, March 27th & 28th 2008

International Seminar on Local Safety Audits

The European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS) has produced, with the financial support of the Government of Canada through Public Safety Canada (National Crime Prevention Center), a Guidance on local safety audits: A compendium of international practice.  
Using knowledge and experiences from across the world, the aim of this project was to create a practical guide aimed at local actors in charge of carrying out local safety audits, as well as conceiving and implementing effective crime prevention plans.
Taking into account the increasing interest regarding this topic, the Belgian Home Affairs Ministry and the Forum held a seminar on local safety audits in Brussels on March 27th & 28th, 2008 with the focus on the importance of the increasing level of governance and its local application. 
The seminar on local Safety audits was very successful and interesting, it allowed for practice shearing not only at the European level but also at the international level. 
The first day was organised in partnership with the Belgian Home Affairs Ministry, which has greatly promoted local safety audits for many years. In the morning the principal speakers presented the guide on local safety audits in a general way and in the evening five different Belgium cities presented their local audits approach finalising with three international examples.
The second day was directed to international participants, and focus on the implementation of the guidance tool within various context and institutions. The principal topics in the round table were “information sharing”, “citizen participation”, “traffic of Human beings”, “evaluation and methodologies”, and conclusions about the possible implementation of the guidance (local, national and internationals applications.). 
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Thursday March 27th 2008
Welcome and registration
Introduction and presentation of the theme  
Philip Willekens, Director, Department of Integral Local Safety, Belgium
Summary & PTT
Michel Marcus, Executive Director, European Forum for Urban Safety
Mary-Anne Kirvan, Senior Counsel and Strategic Policy Advisor, National Crime Prevention Centre, Canada 
Presentation of the Guidance on Local Safety Audits: Compendium of International practice
Dr Sohail Husain, Director of Analytica Consulting Services and principal author of the Guide
Summary & PTT    
Presentation of the results of a transverse analysis on local safety audits implemented in the Belgian Communes and Cities
 Practical experiences

–          Commune of Etterbeek
Laurie De Droogh, mobility Advisor and Isabelle Jentges, Director, Department of Prevention

–          City of Mouscron
Brigitte Aubert, Deputy Mayor in charge of Social Affairs and Social Prevention and Benjamin Martin, Director, Department of Prevention of Local Police
–          Commune of Maasmechelen
Freddy Gevaert, Coordinator, Integral safety Policy

–          City of Liège
Catherine Schlitz, Director, Department of Prevention

–          City of Louvain
Johan Tuerlinckx, Internal Evaluator
Practical Experiences
 City of Abidjan
 Agnès Gnammon-Adiko, National Coordinator, Urban Safety Project, Ivory Coast
Summary & PTT         
City of Bogota
Elkin Velasquez, Professor, Universidad Externado de Colombia
Summary & PTT

Friday March 28th 2008

Round Table and debate with participants and Members of the Advisory Group
Specific Topics in the framework of Local Safety Audit

Information sharing
Trafficking in Human Beings
Engaging Communities

Debate on potential uses of the Guidance and partnership to build

 To read all relevant information on the production of the compendium, see the project website.