News from the “Safer Drinking Scenes” project

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News of the “Safer Drinking Scenes” project

The Safer Drinking Scenes (SDS) project, which was launched in January 2011, goes on until May 2013. Its objective is to collect and exchange knowledge and know-how in European cities on the ways to prevent alcohol abuse by young people in public spaces. Eight field visits have been organised in La Rochelle (France), Reggio Emilia (Italy), Brest (France), Stuttgart (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), Kingston upon Thames (UK), Liege (Belgium), and Bordeaux (France). Thirty practice sheets have been collected, and practical and political recommendations are being discussed.

You can find information on these field visits and practice sheets on the website of the project

The expert committee and the partner cities are currently working on the publication that will be released at the end of the SDS project, and which is slated to be presented at a conference in May 2013 (venue and date to be confirmed soon).

Efus and the French Forum for Urban Security regularly intervene in conferences and seminars in France to present the preliminary findings of the SDS project:

The Safer Drinking Scenes project is led by the French Forum for Urban Security and co-financed by the European Commission (ISEC Prevention and Fight against Crime). Partners are the European Forum for Urban Security and the cities of La Rochelle, Reggio Emilia, Brest, Stuttgart, Antwerp, Kingston upon Thames, Liege, Bordeaux, Rotterdam, and Nantes.