The European Action on Drugs

The European Action on Drugs (EAD) is a European Commission’s initiative designed to provide European civil society with a platform to increase awareness and commitment as regards drugs and the risks related to drug abuse, and to promote dialogue and exchanges of best practice.The European Action on Drugs works around a simple idea: since a huge number of people and organisations have a role to play in disseminating information and raising awareness about the risks of drugs abuse, particularly among young people, the European Commission is proposing that anyone who carries formal responsibility of some kind, has decision-making powers, or acts in an economic, social or representative capacity, should make a commitment on a specific action that he/she will undertake.

Concretely, any individuals, NGOs, public authorities, schools, enterprises, etc. can submit to the European Commission a proposal of action (a commitment) by using an application form. If the submitted action is not reaching the objective of the Commission, a negotiation is developed to adapt the action to the Commission’s need. When the commitment is accepted by the Commission, the applicant becomes a EAD signatory and can use the EAD logo for its own promotion. Finally, for the point of view of the applicant, EAD is a sort of label.