Correlation II project 2009-2012

Correlation is a European network for social inclusion and health. Like Democracy, Cities & Drugs, it was launched in 2005 with the support of a 1st 3-year project funded by the European Public Health Programme. Correlation I (2005-2008) identified important gaps and insufficiencies regarding health promotion interventions targeting marginalised groups. This concerns specific health issues, notably in the area of Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS and specific populations, particularly drug users and young people at risk.

Correlation II tackles blood-borne infectious diseases, in particular hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS. A European-wide network of experts serves as an important tool to achieve the project’s objectives. Correlation works with more than 70 partners in Europe and its neighbouring countries. They work within 5 working groups:
– Outreach and early intervention
– E-health strategies (using Internet health strategies)
– Peer support
– Hepatitis C
– Policy HIV/AIDS

A first general meeting was organised in Amsterdam on June 2009. The next one will be held in Oporto in March 2010.