The European Civil Society Forum on Drugs

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On January 2006, the European Commission organized inBrussels a conference on “Civil Society and Drugs in Europe”  to strengthen the involvement of civil society in EU drugs policy development and evaluation. Some of the European networks involved in the “Democracy, Cities & Drugs ” project took part in this event to promote their role in a future consultative process.
Following this conference, these European networks and other ones acting in the drug field decided in May 2006 to create the European Alliance for Drugs Policies and Practices in order to have a common approach near the EU institutions.
In July 2006, the European Commission published a Green Paper on the role of Civil Society in Drugs Policy in the European Union based on the results of the conference. The civil society was invited to comment the Green Paper before September, 30th 2006. The EADPP member networks wrote a common comment to the European Commission in order to contribute to the process.
In June 2007, the European Commission published its report on the Green Paper and its decision to set up a forum of 30 organisation/network members representing the European civil society.  The interested organisations had to apply for membership by using an online application form.The EADPP member networks applied to integrate the forum. The European Forum for Urban Safety has been selected by the European Commission to be one of the civil society representatives.
The first meeting of the Civil Society Forum on Drugs was organised in Brussels on December 13th-14th, 2007. At this occasion, the Forum’s members was invited to apply to the Drug Prevention and Information Programme. They were also requested to give inputs to the 2007 Progress Review of the implementation of the EU Action Plan on Drugs 2005-2008 as well as to the EC Recommendation on Drugs and Prisons.
Read the final report of this meeting.