DC&D II Kick-off seminar, Paris, June 20-21, 2008

Democracy, Cities and Drugs (DC&D) II Project
European platforms to support cities develop integrative and participative drug- related policies  

Kick-off seminar of the DC&D II Project, Paris, June 20th & 21th 2008 

The European Forum for Urban Safety organized in Paris the kick-off seminar of the Democracy, Cities and Drugs II project on June 20-21, 2008.

The project’s objective is to help support EU cities develop local, partnership based drug policies involving the relevant stakeholders – local authorities, health services criminal justice services, communities, including visible minority ones, and drug service users – so that a coordinated, participative, targeted, and thus resource effective approach can be developed towards drug-related problems. 

The seminar offered city representatives the opportunity to have a global presentation of the project and presentations of the 5 thematic platforms programmes for the following 3 years. The 5 thematic platforms focus their work for the next three years on
–          health education on drugs for professionals –          safer nightlife – preventive action in party scene –          young wanderers and drugs –          women specificities and drugs –          treatment challenges

See also the PTT presentations of the French and Roumanian platforms.

After the general presentations of each thematic platform, city representatives will have the possibility of meeting the platform leaders in questions and answers sessions, in order to see which of the platforms suits best their interests and political priorities and how can the platforms work plan can adapt to their needs.
The Seminar in pictures

Agenda:  click here.

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