Exchange on Drug Addiction Prevention, Montevideo, 2005-2006

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EFUS’ Role

Project Manager


Paris, Montevideo (Uruguay)


The Drug Addiction Prevention Mission at the City council of Paris has delegated to the European Forum the management of a cooperation and exchange programme as regards local policies of the cities of Paris and Montevideo. The theme is ‘Drug Addiction Prevention : cross-disciplinary and territorial approaches, role of the inhabitants, participative democracy’.       

The project aims at training and raising the consciousness of the actors concerned by the addiction prevention in Montevideo. This cooperation action will study the problem of the increase in crack use in specific areas of both capitals as well as the interest of those two towns in participative democracy.       The project is intended to reinforce the know-how and the exchanges on the strategies, the handling of environmental and socio-sanitary problems linked to drug use through a comparative approach of methods of working, and also to elaborate a training programme.


The training and exchange week took place in Montevideo between October 24th and 28th 2005 and dealt with ‘Local Policies of prevention and addiction treatment’. The training gathered more than 250 persons, from all the sectors of activities concerned (elected members, coordinators, NGOs…).

Throughout 2006, the city of Montevideo has put into practice the methods learned during the 2005 training sessions, in 5 neighbourhoods of the city ; in particular, the position of a local drugs coordinator a specific service has been created.

The second stage of the project aims at integrating new cities of Uruguay and France with a view to create a collaboration between the two countries. Complementary funds are currently being looked for.