After La Rochelle, Reggio Emilia and Brest, 4th field visit in Stuttgart for the Safer Drinking Scenes project partners

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Stuttgart (Germany), October 26, 2011 – Fifteen participants representing the partner cities of the SDS project attended a working seminar in Stuttgart (Germany) early October. After a visit of the key cultural and historic sites of the city, complemented with a tour of the local drinking scenes, the group followed with interest the presentations of Martin Schairer, Deputy Mayor, Michael Kayser, Security Department Head of Office and Donal Biess, Youth Department Head of Office.

They explained the organisation of the partnership for security in Stuttgart, and presented an overview of the current situation in terms of alcohol consumption by young people at the national level and in the city.

An initiative of banning people out of bars for repeated offences (echoing the banning out of stadiums) was presented. This initiative was found innovative by the partners because entirely financed and implemented by the private sector.

Later, the measures taken during the Volksfest (a folk and beer festival that gathers around four million people in 17 days) were presented as a preamble to the on-site visit of the festival.

This seminar is the fourth in a series of eight, and the SDS partners will meet again in Antwerp (Belgium), late November. The visit will include a presentation by the city of Rotterdam.

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