Prevention of Reoffending: a Training Toolkit for Local Stakeholders and an Online Training Platform

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The online training platform of the FALPREV project (for the training of local actors in the prevention of reoffending) is available at the following address in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Romanian and Spanish) 

What is it?

A multimedia platform for the training of local stakeholders in the prevention of reoffending through local partnerships dedicated to the reinsertion of recently released prisoners. This training platform guides trainees through the following questions:

– What are the challenges of reoffending, and what are the advantages of working in a local partnership on this issue?
– How to set up and manage such partnerships?
– How to involve and work with distinct partners on issues such as housing, employment, and health?
– How to involve local communities and the Police?
– How to launch specific actions to better support prisoners when they are released?

Conceived within the framework of the European FALPREV project as a vocational training module, this platform is available to all Efus members.

What will you find in it?

The answers to the above-mentioned questions are illustrated with examples in five cities: Brasov (RO), Göttingen (DE), Le Havre (FR), Turin (IT), and Valencia (ES). Local elected officials, experts and practitioners share their experience through video clips. You will also find the tools they have developed when working on the project.

The platform is conceived to allow you to acquire knowledge progressively. More than two hours of contents are available. You may complete the course in several sessions.

The platform is available in six languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Romanian.

Where to start?

Just click on and follow the instructions to register. Efus member have access to all the contents.

The platform comes together with a guide entitled Prevention of Reoffending: A Training Toolkit for Local Stakeholders. 

This guide is available to download for all our members on Efus Network (click here)

The guide is written in a simple, didactic style and is full of practical advice. It is based on the experience of the FALPREV project partners: the cities of Brasov (Romania), Göttingen (Germany), Le Havre (France), and Valencia (Spain), as well as the Belfast-based Northern Ireland Housing Executive, and the Turin-based Institute for Research and Training.

Both these tools were created to answer the need expressed by many European local stakeholders, in particular those who help ex-prisoners to reintegrate their community and society. Indeed, the most efficient way to help former prisoners is through a close cooperation between all stakeholders and institutions who work inside and outside prison. The guide and online platform aim to help stakeholders work efficiently within a local partnership.

For more information on the FALPREV project, see the website, or contact Mark Burton-Page: