EFUS as a member of the European Commission’s Expert Group in “Trafficking in Human Beings” , 2003-2007

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Expert group in the Human trafficking for the European Commission, 2003-2007

An expert group on human trafficking was appointed by the European Commission untill 2007 in order to develop concrete proposals based on the Brussels Declaration, adopted in 2002. The EFUS through its Executive Director, Mr Marcus, was designated as an expert, intuitu personae.

The first meetings of the group were organized by the European Commission on 29-30 September and on 12 November 2003 in Brussels.  The expert group met 9 times in 2004 (about every six weeks). On October 26th, the European Commission organised a consultation workshop for the final report written by the group of experts ‘Trafficking in Human Beings’. The final report was adopted and officially presented to the European Commissioner on 22 December 2004.

At their last meeting, the group members also stressed the importance of co-ordinating their work with that of other authorities, such as the OSCE. The EFUS’s team (which was the only local authority association represented) redacted a summary note on the Forum’s work on this theme, including big decisions of the European Commission.