THB Expert Group Recommendations to the European union: Make the trafficking in human beings a EU priority, 2004, Brussels, Belgium

Recommendations made to the European Union on Wednesday 22 December by the European Commission’s Experts Group on Trafficking in Human Beings urge the EU to provide protection for migrants, and support and assistance for victims of trafficking in measures it is developing to combat this modern-day slave trade.

Through deception, coercion or the threat or use of violence, traffickers force hundreds of thousands of women, children and men throughout the world into slavery, both in forced labour and sexual exploitation.
The report draws attention to the fact that efforts taken to prevent trafficking should include protection for regular and irregular migrants, recognising their vulnerability to trafficking, forced labour and other serious forms of exploitation.
States must ensure their immigration policies are equally beneficial for the migrant and the state. Even though the demand for migrant labour is increasing*, no major receiving country, including the UK, has ratified the 1990 United Nations Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Their Families.
The Experts Group also urges the development of mechanisms and practices that improve identification of trafficked people and ensure recognition of them as victims of a crime. “This is particularly important as EU trafficking legislation must provide trafficked people with support and assistance on the basis of their being victims of a crime, rather than linking help to co-operation with an investigation,” Mary Cunneen said.
A key recommendation is that the EU should allow the trafficked person to stay in the country for at least three months. This ‘reflection delay’ is vital as it enables the trafficked person time to assess his or her situation and receive specialist help and support in a safe environment. It also interrupts the trafficking network, disrupting the trafficker’s this criminal trade.

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