Seminar in Paris to promote the role of civil society in fighting organised crime

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What role does civil society play in fighting crime, and particularly organised crime? This was the theme of an international seminar organised by the Foundation “Giovanni e Francesca Falcone”, together with the European Forum for Urban Security, in the framework of the project “Waves of legality, waves of citizenship” supported by the “Europe for Citizens” Programme.

This seminar took place in Paris from February, 25, to February, 27, 2011.

The Foundation Giovanni  e Francesca Falcone is named after the Sicilian anti-mafia judge Giovanni Falcone, murdered by the mafia in 1992. One of the key objectives of the foundation is to promote active citizenship among young people, as a means to combat the mafia.

The “Waves of legality, waves of citizenship” project aims to reinforce the role of organised civil society in combating and preventing crime, and to foster co-operation between the law enforcement system and civil society.

The Paris seminar gathered dozens of young people from all over Europe, out of which some fifty come from a poor background or have a delinquency record, together with experts in the mafia, other professionals involved in the fight against crime, as well as representatives of the civil society. Its aim was to raise the youths’ civic conscience and their awareness of the role they can play in preventing crime.

Efus is keen to receive information on concrete actions led in Europe by citizens and/or civil society organisations, aimed at preventing or fighting organised crime.

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