Loures (Portugal) and the European Day of Action against Trafficking in Human Beings

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The Portuguese city of Loures participated in the European Anti-Trafficking Day on October 18 by inaugurating an exhibition titled “INhuman traffic”. The event was attended by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, the Portuguese Minister of Home Affairs, Rui Pereira, and the Mayor of Loures, Carlos Teixeira. The programme also included several roundtables on trafficking in human beings.
Mr Teixeira declared that “the Municipality of Loures is committed to combat all forms of human trafficking, whether for labor or sexual exploitation.” He added that it is necessary “to denounce situations [of trafficking in human beings], protect victims and integrate them into society.”
The Loures City Council has signed the Declaration against Trafficking in Human Beings adopted by the Congress of the Council of Europe during its plenary session, on May 30 – June 1st, 2006. Among other things, this Declaration recalls “that it is at local level that the final stage of trafficking is played out and that local authorities have a fundamental role to play as guarantors of social cohesion and their citizen’s well-being and security.”