Denmark wins the European Crime Prevention Award on prevention of human trafficking

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Rome, Italy, December 2014 – The 2014 European Crime Prevention Award on “prevention of trafficking in human beings” went to Denmark for its project “HopeNow – Empowering trafficked people”. The prize was announced at the annual good practice conference of the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN), held on 4 and 5 December in Rome (Italy).

HopeNow is an NGO that offers “holistic support to victims of trafficking, based on human rights and that empowers them”. It carries out all sorts of activities, notably the detection of victims (in the streets, through the asylum system, in prison), legal aid, therapy and social activities. HopeNow is adviser to the Danish government as part of the National Action Plan Against Human Trafficking, and also to the Danish Centre Against Trafficking.

France was a runner-up along with Romania for the project carried by the NGO ALS titled Ac.Sé (acronym for “accueil sécurisant”, safe shelter). This scheme directs victims to shelters far away from the region where they have been trafficked and are still under threat by traffickers. The Ac.Sé scheme is based on a network of 70 NGOs and shelters all over France. It also offers professionals a resource centre where they find information and advice on the topic of human trafficking. Furthermore, the coordination team organises workshops and seminars for members of the partner associations and professionals of the Ac.Sé network.

Winner of the French 2014 Crime Prevention Award, Ac.Sé is partly founded on the findings of the Efus project Secucities – Women Victims of Trafficking for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation and Transborder Cooperation (1998), in which ALS was a partner.

The Romanian project that was also runner-up is titled NO and is financed by the national postal bank Bancpost. It is a national awareness campaign targeted both at the general public and at teenagers, with the aim of giving them practical advice to avoid falling victim to traffickers. Under the slogan “Use your talent against human trafficking”, the campaign encourages youngsters to take part in educational, cultural and artistic activities.

This project is founded on a public-private partnership between two NGOs (ADPARE and eLiberare), the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons, and Bancpost.

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