Local Activities

Local Activities

As part of the project, eight European organisations develop local activities aimed at promoting tolerance and fighting discrimination in their country.

Fórum Español para la Prevención y la Seguridad Urbana (FEPSU) – Spain

“How to Fight Hate Crimes”? The Spanish Forum for Prevention and Urban Security produced a guide titled Como luchar contra los delitos de odio‘ as well as a series of educational documents  and a video. These materials can be used as educational tools and to encourage debate on public policies, in schools, in the  media, in civil society and in the private sector.

Read all the materials online (available in Spanish) and have a look at the video here.


Institut für Konflikt Forschung (IKF) – Austria

In the framework of the project “Just and Safer Cities for All”, the Institut für Konfliktforschung (IKF) published 3 blog entries on the “CPD POLICY BLOG”.

1- Social cohesion in heterogeneous societies.
2- European initiatives to promote social cohesion.
3- The Strategic Role of Local Authorities and Institutions in Promoting Social Cohesion.


Forum Italiano per la Sicurezza Urbana (FISU) – Italy

The Italian Forum for Urban Security produced a documentary on hate speech and hate crime as part of the project. The central part of the video consists of interviews conducted in Brescia, Lucca and Pesaro with elementary school children. The documentary aims to encourage a debate on stereotypes related to discrimination, to encourage the construction of a counter-narrative to hate speech and to foster initiatives to increase tolerance and social cohesion.

This video is available online (in Italian).


Forum Français pour la Sécurité Urbaine (FFSU) – France

By their proximity to citizens, local authorities can act and create a climate where discrimination, hate speech and violence have no place. To help them, the French Forum for Urban Security organises awareness and training days on  discriminatory violence as part of the European “Just and Safer Cities for All” project.

Learn more about the first event held in Dunkerque on November 30, 2017. A video of this awareness and training day will soon be available too. The next awareness and training day is scheduled for December 12 in Nantes Métropole.


Forum Belge pour la Prévention et la Sécurité Urbaine (FBPSU) – Belgium

Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima (APAV) – Portugal

UFUQ – Germany

Jagellonian University of Krakow – Poland


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