Call for Practices: Prevention and fight against acts of discriminatory violence

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Efus and eight European organisations are launching a call to identify existing innovative and encouraging practices at a local level throughout Europe to combat crime and violence motivated by all forms of discrimination.

50 practices will be selected from the responses to this call, which will be published in a manual of practices and disseminated across Europe to promote local action and encourage authorities to take more action against acts of discriminatory violence.

This call is part of the framework of the Just & Safer Cities for All Project, led by Efus and co-financed by the European Commission, whose primary objective is to raise awareness among local authorities about preventing and  fighting against acts of discriminatory violence and propose responses for them to implement at the local level.

Submission deadline:  9 December 2016

For more details, please consult the call for practices available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Deutsch, Portuguese and Spanish.



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