Youth gangs and international cooperation

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The President of Efus, Guilherme Pinto, and a staff member attended this international conference that the Forum has been coorganising for two years now, in cooperation with the city of Helsinki and the Finnish Ministry of Justice. This year, the conference addressed a large range of topics in the field of prevention and urban safety. Plenary sessions and workshops had been organised on topics such as violence in sport, young people, the side effects of free mobility, international cooperation, new technologies…

In the framework of the workshop “Youth gangs and juvenile delinquency”, Efus spoke about “Gangs of youth: From knowledge to action”, presenting two specific projects. The first one is a European Project, co-funded by the European Commission, called EU Reco street violence which gathers Efus, national forums and the database specialist Psytel. This project was borne out of the need to create, at the European level, a space of recommendations and practices in the field of youth gangs.

To illustrate the types of action that this project will cover, Efus also presented a local project implemented by its member cities: the Be + project. Developed by the city of Brussels, it was implemented in 2009 and is structured around actions of individual support, community action and promotion of dialogue and mediation.