First meeting of the IMPPULSE project for the improvement of police-population relations, Paris, June 2014

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Paris, June 2014 – The first work meeting of the partners of the IMPPULSE project for the improvement of the relation between police and the population, which is led by Efus and cofinanced by the European Commission as part of the DG Home Affairs ISEC programme, was held in Paris on 3 and 4 June 2014.


The participants were Efus and the project partners: the cities of Nantes, Amiens, and Aubervilliers in France, Milan in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, the Brussels Police Zone and the Asbl BRAVVO of Brussels, in Belgium, as well as the Law Institute of Lithuania, in Vilnius. The full partnerships includes Lisbon in Portugal and Toulouse in France (to be confirmed). This diversified partnership reflects the diversity of the European police forces and cities.

Participants in the meeting emphasised that the project is not focused on the police as such but rather on the relation between Mayors and the police, and the direct relations between citizens and their police officers. Indeed, IMPPULSE must be focused primarily on the point of view of citizens rather than discussing the legal differences between the various European police forces.

The project partners discussed the strategic role played by cities as mediators between the police and citizens, in particular through existing local partnerships between municipalities and the police.

During the duration of the project, until the end of 2015, and in particular through the implementation of pilot programmes in each of the partner cities, IMPPULSE will aim to strengthen the relation between the police and the population, draw political recommendations and deliver tools for evaluating the impact and usefulness of these practices and pilot programmes on targeted categories of population and on the police.

Efus ambitions to produce tools that will be useful for all its members, and to disseminate its recommendations at the national and European level.

Throughout the project, partners will be accompanied by a support committee gathering qualified academics, organisations and personalities. One of the members of this committee, Hibat Tabib, Director of the association AFPAD for Training, Prevention and Access to Law (Association pour la Formation, la Prévention et l’Accès au Droit), based in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, intervened at the meeting to present its innovative project, “Youths, police, justice: exchanging for change”. The objective of this project is to improve relations between young people and institutions such as the police and the judicial system, and to help them better understand their role (we will soon publish on our website a practice sheet on this project).

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The partners of the IMPPULSE project have already started to prepare the implementation of their pilot programmes and will meet in Milan on 23-24 October to share the preliminary results.


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