Conflict Regulation and Mediation in European Cities, Conference, Angers 2004

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The two-day conference entitled “Conflict regulation and mediation in European cities”, that took place in Angers (France) on May 6th and 7th 2004 developed a common approach to mediation in European cities in several roundtable discussions.
A wealth of mediation projects from all over Europe were presented in five roundtable discussions, looking at aspects of restorative justice, social cohesion and mediation, cultural mediation, mediation at night and in the streets, and at conflict resolution in partnerships.
This event was organized by the City of Angers and the European Forum for Urban safety, with the participation of the Council of Europe.

Click to download the programme as well as a Conference Report in French language
Here are the presentations available (click to download):
“Restorative justice and mediation in Europe” Ivo AERTSEN, Chairman, European Forum for Victim-Offender Mediation and Restorative Justice (Belgium)

“Mediation and social link: the example of Helsinki”, Kalle KOSKIVIRTA, Director of the Prevention Service, City of Helsinki (Finland)

« The mediator: mission, training, profile : the example of Liège”,Geoffrey FRANCOIS, Head of project, of the Prevention section integrated into the neighborhoods of the Security contract and Prevention of the City of Liège (Belgium)
“Mediation and partnership working: the example of Creil”, Richard JORON, Crime Prevention Officer, City of Lorient (France)
« Mediation and partnership working: the example of Haarlem”, Kitty VAN TOOREN, Head, Halt Project,  City of Haarlem (Netherlands)
“Case study : mediation and conflict resolution in Sodertalje”,Michael Mc CARTHY, Director of the prevention service, City of Sodertalje (Sweden)