SecuCities Inclusion, 2001-2003.

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 Study: ‘How the European Volunteer Service (EVS), initiated by the European Commission, can better contribute to the social integration of young people in great difficulty?’, 2001
(In the framework of the European Programme “Assistance for cooperation between social solidarity institutions and for the development of civil dialogue- preparatory measures for the promotion of social inclusion”)

The overall goal of this programme was to define the conditions for success of a European Volunteer Service (EVS) open to young people who, up until now, did not necessarily fit the requisite profile for participating in European exchange programmes (ex-convicts, former addicts…).

The EFUS carried out research on:

– The Community and national legislation of the 15 member countries concerning the displacement from one country to another of persons in custody;

– The status of volunteers within the European Union;

– The socio-psychological characteristics of young adults and their specificity in the criminal law of the 15 countries;

– The training of the professional in charge of monitoring the young person and the mobilisation of civil society;

– The organisation of the network necessary for an optimisation of the project.

It took place during several seminars:
Click here to download the documents from the Turin seminar that took place on April 6th-7th 2001 (in French).
Click here to download the documents from the Lisbon seminar that took place on August 30th-September 1st 2001 (in French).

The principal conclusions of this study, conducted in partnership with associations and cities in Italy, Portugal, Spain and France, are the object of a multilingual publication (French-English, Italian-Spanish) that came out in 2004:    EFUS, How can the European Voluntary Service initiated by the European Commission better contribute to the social integration of young persons at great risk?, Rennes, 2001


Italy: Stranaidea, SCSarl, City of Turin, Eumeo Cooperativa, Parma, Comune di Capannori

Spain: Asociación Los Primeros, City of Granada

Portugal: Gebalis, E.M., City of Lisbon

France: Association Point Jeunes, Evreux, Saint-Herblain town council, Epinay-sur-Seine town council