Stronger Against Violence at School

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Stronger Against Violence at School

The European Forum for Urban Safety invites you to participate at the project „Stronger Against Violence at School in European Cities“, which our network would like to propose to the European Commission in the framework of the Daphne III call for proposals.

The conclusions of previous projects and the interest of member cities from all over Europe have led the Forum to propose a project on the role and the initiatives of cities in preventing violence at school. As the roots of violence go beyond the school and as violence does not stops at the school gates, cooperation between all stakeholders at school (teachers, students, parents, school administration), police and the various departments of the city is indispensable for effective prevention. The project “Stronger against violence at school” proposes to strengthen cities in their prevention efforts through the exchange of innovative and successful practices and to extend and improve their action on the ground through European cooperation.

For 24 months, the project will bring together eight European cities and will concentrate on two central aspects of violence at school today:

  • mobbing and bullying as well as
  • the phenomenon of gangs in secondary schools.

Theses two topics represent different expressions of violence and symbolise the discomfort in many schools. The two forms of violence need different and specific answers, which need to be based on a global approach and the development of an integrated solution strategy.

The project consists of an analysis of the current situation/policies in place, the development of an action plan and its implementation in each city. Local replies to school violence will be improved through the cooperation among European cities and the exchange of practices through the know-how of European experts, through conferences but also through mutual assistance for the work in each city.

„Stronger against violence at school“ aims at new insights and experiences as well as immediate action against school violence in the participating cities. The result of the project will be published in a guidebook and on the project’s website in four languages and will in this way be made accessible to other cities.

The particularity of the project for the participating cities is that it includes activities in each city. Participants will not only exchange experiences and learn from each other and external experts, the project also provides means to analyse and improve existing initiatives.

The budget of the project adds to approximately 550 000€. 80% will be financed by the European Commission; the remaining 20% will be borne by the European Forum and the participating cities. As the work in each city can be counted as eligible costs, it is possible that cities can contributes the largest part of their share in working time. In this way they can not only benefit form the European cooperation of the project, but will at the same time receive a positive net transfer of funds.

Interested members are invited to declare their interest to the EFUS secretariat by April 17th 2009. The signed partnership agreement then has to reach EFUS by April 20th 2009 by email or fax.
For further details on the project, please click here. For all questions concerning this project please contact Mrs Carla Napolano or Mr Sebastian Sperber.