Visionary : school violence dealt with European internet portal, 2006.

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School bullying and violence debated on VISIONARY European Internet Portal

A consortium of five academic and civil society organizations from Germany, France, Spain and Romania announces the official launch of VISIONARY – a European Internet Portal on School Bullying and Violence. The web portal providing information that contributes at preventing school bullying and violence and targets different groups such as teachers, parents, pupils, practitioners etc. is online at

The VISIONARY web portal is available in several European languages such as English, French, German, Romanian, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, and Portuguese, so as to ensure a wide access to information. “The portal aims to help all those who search for background information on SBV, case studies, best practice examples of prevention, studies and other resources available on the Internet. It furthermore aims to provide a platform for users who are interested in exchanging ideas and experiences with other practitioners from various countries.” stated Prof. Dr. Reinhold S. Jäger, Head of the Centre for Educational Research, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany.

In recent years, substantial efforts have been made – by the European Commission, national governments, communities, public institutions, schools and others – to develop and implement programmes and activities that address school bullying and violence. At present, practitioners have access to a wide range of approaches, materials and experience in this area. Therefore nowadays challenge is not to locate information, but rather to synthesise the huge range of concepts, programmes and materials available. The Internet adds another dimension to the issue. It does not only provide greater access to information and materials, but also allows users to interact with one another through the use of discussion forums, mailing lists and chat rooms.

In spite of all the differences between countries, for instance in terms of history, culture, traditions, educational system philosophical approaches, many key problems within the field of school bullying and violence are comparable. The idea behind the VISIONARY initiative is that looking at what experts and practitioners are doing in other countries, can be a valuable tool for others, too.” added Thomas Jäger, Project Coordinator, Centre for Educational Research, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany.

The VISIONARY portal is part of the VISIONARIES-NET international project, which is financed by European Union through Socrates Program, Minerva Component. The partners under this project are: Center for Educational Research, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany; European Forum for Urban Safety, France; Concept Foundation, Romania; University of Cordoba, Spain.

For more information, contact Centre for Educational Research, contact person Thomas Jäger, e-mail:, or visit