Secucities Cities and Schools Project, Paris, 2002-2003

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Secucities Cities and Schools Project, 2002- 2003

This project, led by the EFUS, dealt with violence caused by young people in schools. The objective of the program, that began at the end of 2002, was to allow European cities to exchange their experiences and think together about different means of optimising actions. The aim was not only the identification of perpetrators of violence, gang leaders etc, which precede prevention, but also a follow up adapted to each case.

In the framework of the project several seminars took place.

Click here to download the document from the first seminar in Paris, February 6th-8th 2001 (-in French).

Partner cities: Evry, Paris (France), Bologna (Italy), Saint-Gilles (Belgium), Lubeck (Germany), Urban Community of Northern Tenerife, Valencia (Spain), Helsinki (Finland)

For more information, please consult the documents listed under the heading “Schools”.