“We all at football” The art and culture together as tools for prevention

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“We all at football” is a theater project created by Frédérick Paulus and directed by Sylvain Plouette with the performance of the beginners players, all of them football fans who has  become actors. This theater proposal tries to motivate fans around cultural and artistic projects reflecting, in a humorous way, the lives of football fans.

This piece shows us a way to live a healthy passion in which we can engage all generations and share together of the sport, the art and the culture in the daily life of a community.

“We all at football” is each time more seen, in 2012 has been played in several scenes such as: Théâtre dela Place in Liège, the Fan Coaching at the Fonck barracks at Comedy Central in Liège, the room of Tréteaux-Visé and at Ovifat. Soon it will be played at the Trocadero-Liège (31 May 2013).

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