Citizen Debate Day “Football, Culture and Prevention” in Liege

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On 19th June, actors in the field of prevention, researchers in human sciences, sports professionals and representatives of Civil Society came together in Liege to participate in a Citizen Debate Day on Sport, Culture and Prevention. This European event celebrated 25 years of Fan Coaching, and was introduced by a debate and film evening on 18th June.

This Citizen Debate Day is incorporated within the framework of the European Forum of Urban Security’s initiative “Sharing the Manifesto”, which aims to encourage a dialogue between local European authorities, Civil Society and other stakeholders (including the private sector) in the urban sector on questions of security.

The meeting was based on the recommendations “the Prevention of Violence in Sport” and “Art, Culture and Prevention” from the manifesto of Aubervilliers and Saint-Denis, adopted during the international conference organised by Efus in December 2012. Speakers discussed the practice of football as a cultural and social activity that generates collective phenomena such as “supporterism” and violence and asked how we could prepare for such phenomena by developing specific strategies of prevention when sports events take place.

The debates also addressed in particular, the way in which local authorities and football clubs can utilise culture as a tool of prevention in sport for young football supporters. 

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