Programme Insertion – European Volonteer Service, 1998-2000

Programme Insertion – European Volonteer Service, 1998-2000

The principal objective was to encourage the integration of young Europeans through a project that allowed geographical, cultural and professional mobility. This pilot project took the format of a sixth-month stay in a foreign city, that was preceded by a two-month preparation period, and followed up by a two-month period of assessment and putting things into perspective.

Results for the young people:

27 out of 34 young volunteers, who participated in the programmes over a two-year period, were in process of social reintegration back in their home towns. Most of them have found either a vocational training or a job. Even the three of them who quit before the end of the program realised their social situation and the possibilities that were offered to them. They were all unanimous by saying that this program represented a real cultural experience in Europe and without it, they would have never had a concrete idea of Europe. An important factor for the stability and coherence of the project was the existence of an international coordination that played a mediator role.

Results for the professionals:

The international meetings allowed strong and enlightening exchanges in regard to actual professional practices in the participant countries. Even if there were different practices, based on the history and the institutional practices of the country, there was a common philosophy that guided the ethical principles and pedagogical approaches.


Alcobendas (Spain), Amadora (Portugal), Argenteuil (France), Evreux (France), Granada (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Parma (Italy), Saint-Herblain (France)