‘Secucities’ Network: Assistance to victims and tourists in difficulty, 1993

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‘Secucities’ Network: Assistance to victims and tourists in difficulty, 1993
Efus, with the support of the European programme for transmediterranean cooperation (MED URBS), set up and coordinated a cities’ network called ‘Secucities’, composed of the cities of Toulouse (France), Nabeul (Republic of Tunisia), Barcelona (Spain), Athens (Greece), Marrakech (Kingdom of Morocco), Epinay-Sur-Seine (France),  Hammersmith & Fulham (United Kingdom).

Objectives of the ‘Secucities’ network:

1)    Prevention and dissuasion of criminal acts including:
– prevention of local delinquency, mainly by integrating youth in difficulty in actions for tourists’ sake and,
– information to tourists.

2)    Assistance to tourists in difficulty
The cities’ network agreed that a series of sectors are concerned by this issue: tourism, police, justice, health services and specialised services in assisting victims.
Thereby, cities’ action consisted essentially of coordinating the above structures in order to:
– take care of tourist victims immediately and effectively, and
– follow-up each case, even after the departure of the tourist victim to his home country.

The network’s activities resulted in two seminars:

Seminar of Nabeul, 11 and 12 February 1993
Organised with the active participation of the city of Nabeul, this first meeting of the cities’ network on the theme of ‘Assistance to victims’ showed that, despite economic and socio-cultural diversities, cities have a common ambition to set up structures and ensure better security for tourists by improving their image as host cities. The objective of this meeting was to give an impulsion to the cooperation among cities.
The seminar also allowed the local communities to express their opinions on several experiences and to make propositions for developing the partnership with other institutions. It was an important step in this cooperational process because it initiated new ways of reflection that were transmitted in the second meeting of the cities’ network in Toulouse.

Seminar of Toulouse, 3 and 4 June 1993
This meeting’s objective was the drafting and the validation of a ‘Charter for a Quality Reception’, with the cities’ engagements on the issue.
The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the setting up of projects and partnerships that would allow an effective implementation of the Charter, projects that the MED-URBS could support for a period of 4 years. Among these projects, there were victimisation surveys in the network cities in order to better focus on expectations of tourist victims, the creation of reception and information centres for tourists, the creation of ad hoc structures for tourists, possibilities of immediate accommodation, transportation and information, reception places accessible to tourists 24 hours a day.