“Secucities Children – Assistance to Parents” Programme, 2000

“Secucities Children – Assistance to Parents” programme, 2000

The aim of the “Secucities Children” programme was to find practices to fight social exclusion of children and to draft possible policies at a European level. It contributed to the improvement of knowledge in order to promote new inclusive policies.


– to better organise reflections and experiences in the fight against social exclusion of children,

–  to better identify the spirals that lead to juvenile delinquency in order to find ways to fight them,

–  to invite reflection on the impacts of a lack or deficiency of parental authority,

–  to integrate the approach by gender in the implementation of prevention and inclusive programmes (the appearance of girls in juvenile delinquency is a new phenomenon),

–  to accumulate the best practices and answers that allow the integration of children in difficulty and that respond to new forms of juvenile delinquency,

–  to look for a common approach in Europe for helping parents and to reach an agreement on the training of social interveners.



United Kingdom: NACRO (National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders)

Portugal: Instituto de Apoio à Criança (Child Support Institute)

France: UNAGEV – Union Nationale pour l’action auprès des gens du voyage (National Union for Action with Travelling People)

Spain: Estratégias and the Assossiation IMAGINA- Instituto para el desarrollo global (Institute for Global Development)

The Netherlands: LSP, Landelijke Steunfunctie Preventie (National Prevention Support Centre)

Italy: CIE, Centro d’Iniziativa per l’Europa del Piemonte (European Initiative Centre)

The Netherlands: Trimbos Instituut

Belgian Forum for Urban Security


21-22 February: seminar in Paris. This first meeting consisted ofn working on methodological tools that analyse the experiences of seven countries.

11-12 May: Seminar in Turin. The Italian partners presented local experiences about parenting and social policies.

29- 30 May: seminar in Charleroi. The Belgian municipality of Charleroi organised, with  Efus, a seminar where local experiences were presented to Italian, British (NACRO) and Dutch (LSP) partners.

29-30 June 2000: seminar in London. This seminar was organised by NACRO as part of the Secucities Programme coordinated by Efus. At the seminar, representatives from a number of different voluntary organisations in England engaged either directly or indirectly in preventive and support work with parents. Also represented were the main national and local agencies concerned with community safety and work with families.

The purpose of this meeting was to bring together practitioners and policy makers in order to promote best practices in supporting parents whose children are at risk of delinquency (in which representatives of the cities of Charleroi and Estratégias closed the series of national seminars and was followed by an evaluative seminar that synthesised the works before the summit of Naples).