Project “Migrations, Integration and Co-Development in Europe”

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Efus is a partner of this European project.

The project

The project “Migrations, Integration and Co-Development in Europe” encourages an intercultural dialogue between civil society organizations and citizens from different countries and living communities in Europe to express their views about EU policies related to migration and asylum and  more broadly, about the key priorities and strategic actions needed to face common and current challenges. Through a bottom up approach the project involves citizens and members from civil society organisations, local authorities, educational, cultural or research institutions, town-twinning committees and networks that are active in the migration and asylum field.


– To foster a lively and cross-border debate about EU policy related to migration, asylum and international protection among civil society organizations and citizens in Europe.
– To contribute to the kick-start of a common EU migration and asylum policy.
– To increase further cooperation, democratic engagement and civic participation between civil society organizations and citizens that are active in the migrations, asylum and inclusion field from different countries and living communities in Europe.


– An initial international workshop on “Migration,and co-development in Europe”. Venue: Caltanissetta, Italy. Dates: 8-10 May 2015
– An online survey was launched in order to gather individual opinions on a common migration and asylum policy from a large number of citizens in all participating countries.
– A final international seminar “A common European migration policy”. Venue: Caltanissetta, Italy. Dates: 3-4 October 2015
– As final output of the project, recommendations for a European citizens’ initiative demanding a new European migration policy.
– Dissemination and exploitation activities will take place at both local and EU level.

The final booklet: Migrations, Integration and Co-development in Europe

The consortium “Migrations, Integration and Co-Development in Europe” is  pleased to introduce final recommendations on a common European policy on migration and asylum, summarizing the conclusions of a  participatory project that involved 16 civil society organizations from 15 European countries and local communities from Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria.

The project, funded with the support of the “Europe for Citizens” programme, has created an intercultural platform for dialogue and lively cross-border debate among European citizens on policies related to migration and asylum in Europe. According to estimates by the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR and the International Organization for Migration, IOM, persecution, wars, conflicts and extreme poverty have forced an unprecedented one million people to flee to Europe in 2015. As stated by the European Commission, the EU’s external borders have increasingly been the scene of human tragedies to which the EU, together with its Member States, must take immediate action through a shared and more coordinated approach in accordance with the fundamental values at the heart of the European Union and international laws.

  • The first chapter briefly presents the project, its objectives, activities and the international partnership.
  • The second chapter presents the state of play on the implementation of the priority actions under the European Agenda on Migration.
  • The third chapter include the main findings from the online survey that has been launched within the project.
  • The fourth chapter describes the recommendation for the development of a common EU Policy in the areas of asylum and migration that have been developed by the consortium.
  • The fifth chapter reviews the general information on the rules and conditions governing the European Citizens’ Initiative, as a possible follow up of the project.

The contents do not necessarily reflect the official views of all partner organizations and do not intend to be exhaustive in their treatments of the subject nor on the specific topics addressed in the current European Agenda on Migration.

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Project coordinator

Italy, Caltanissetta, PRISM-Promozione Interanzionale Sicilia-Mondo

Project partners

Italy, Caltanissetta, Migranti Solidali
Cyprus, Lefkosia, Centre for advancement of research and development in education
Belgium, Liege, INFOREF Initiatives pour une Formation Efficace
Germany, Berlin, Aufbruch Neukölln
Greece, Athens, INTERALIA
Lithuania, Siauliai Municipality Care Home
Latvia, Riga, HUMANA People to people in Latvia
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kumanovo, Roma Youth Centre
Portugal, Lisboa, Centro em Rede de Investigaçãoem Antropologia
Romania, Cluj Napoca, Centrul pentru Studiul Comparat al Migratiei
Slovakia, Stropkov, A.D.E.L. – Association for Development, Education and Labour
Hungary, Tudás Alapítvány
Bulgaria, Varna, Assotiation of European projects in Bulgaria


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