Security and Diversity European Project

Security and Diversity European project

The European Forum for Urban Security is a partner in this three-year project that is coordinated by the University of Segovia.

Objective of the project

This project aims to design preventive methodology for citizen security in the context of high social and cultural diversity. It focuses on concrete systems of management and coordination among social, security, and judicial institutions and agents, clarifying roles and defining tasks to be played by each one. It arises from a preliminary analysis of security methods pointing to the need to develop complementary methodology sensitive to new social dynamics caused by the fast increase in diversity in several neighbourhoods of Madrid, especially due to the international immigration influx.

The project comprises a participant action-research method which will promote participation and commitment of the institutions, social agents, community leaders, and citizens in the practical designing of comprehensive and concrete methods of primary, secondary, and tertiary preventive intervention, including situational actions and re-offending probability decreasing measures.

As a result, a complete, innovative, preventive citizen security methodology will be made available, along with training programmes and concrete coordination mechanisms; institutions will also commit to implementing it. There will also be a practitioner’s manual.
A key goal of the project is the diffusion and transference of the methodology in Europe, the Maghreb, and Latin America, at the same time analysing international synergic cooperation. The three-year project will have a Congress on Security in the Diverse Society as a final event.

University of Segovia – coordinator
Department of International Cooperation, National Police, Spain
University of West of England, Bristol, England
Medical Forensic Clinic-Justice Department, Madrid Regional Government
Social Service Department, Central District, Madrid City Government

01/12/2008 – 30/11/2011