European policies on migration and asylum: Efus invites you to complete an online questionnaire

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Paris, September 2015 – The European Forum for Urban Security is partner in the project on “Migrations, Integration and Co-development in Europe” led by the Italian association PRISM, which works in the area of cooperation and inter-cultural dialogue in Europe and beyond.

The project seeks to foster intercultural dialogue between civil society organisations and citizens of various European countries and regions so that they can express their opinion on the European Union’s policies on migration and asylum and, more broadly, on the priorities and strategic actions that are required to meet the current common challenges.

Through a bottom-up approach, the project brings together citizens, members of civil society organisations, local authorities, educational, cultural and research institutions, as well as committees for the twinning of cities and networks that work on issues of migration and asylum.

As part of this project, we invite you to complete an online questionnaire aimed at gauging European public opinion about the current challenges, strategic priorities and key actions that are required in order to build a common EU policy on asylum and migration. The questionnaire will also help to understand public perceptions and attitudes about migrants, immigrants and refugees and about the various migration policy options. Furthermore, it will help measure the degree of awareness and knowledge among European citizens about the phenomenon and the “new multicultural scenario”.

The results of this online survey will enrich the discussion among the project partners, with the aim of contributing to building a common European policy on migration and asylum.

For more information on the PRISM association click here (in English and Italian)

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