Web Conferences on Technology and Social Innovation in Urban Security

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light bulbAt Efus, we consider that innovation includes not only technological tools but also social ones. We understand innovation in urban security as new solutions and new ways of approaching existing and emerging problems. These tools can aim to facilitate the understanding of problems, the definition of solutions, and the implementation and evaluation of interventions. At their core, the innovations are about shifting towards a co-production of urban security policies, both in their development and in their implementation. During these webconferences, we will continue to deepen our knowledge on the topics already discussed, such as predictive policing, civic technology and facial recognition. At the same time we want to open the conversation to include new aspects of innovative strategies in urban security.

Efus is excited to start a second series of web conferences that will cover both technological and social innovations in the realm of urban security, as well as those that combine the two. The Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) Project, in which Efus is a partner, aims to enable police and relevant local and national authorities to reduce the impact of petty crime and, where possible, prevent crime from occurring in the first place. The idea is to support local security  actors in conceiving human-centred solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the end-user. The research and findings of this project greatly nourished the first series of web conferences of our working group. In this second series, we will not only integrate aspects of the project’s focus areas but also elements of its methodology to illustrate how innovative working methods can be applied in practice. 

Session 3: The use of drones in cities – What opportunities and challenges ?

DronesIn recent years the use of drones in urban areas has greatly increased. They are employed to enhance urban mobility, to monitor environmental accidents and crimes, to survey public and green spaces, to control mass gatherings, to prevent illegal waste disposal, to monitor traffic, to inspect infrastructure facilities and to collect and transmit data – to name only a few use cases. The global health crisis related to the Covid-19 pandemic has stirred up the public discourse on the use of drones for monitoring and surveillance purposes. The use of these technologies is also subject to criticism concerning the right to privacy and data protection. Additional risks are related to the potential of cybersecurity breaches and malicious uses of drones.

In order to better understand where we stand today in terms of use cases, the potential risks and the legislative framework, Efus proposes a web conference on 22 January 2021 at 11am CET. We will discuss, amongst others, the following questions:
What use cases exist today in European cities? Are drones used for tackling petty crime?
What are the European legislative regulations concerning the use of drones?
What are the benefits and risks of employing drones? What ethical and social considerations exist?
Beyond the police force, what other local actors could benefit from the use of drones and to respond to what problem?

11am-12am (CET)

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