The MATCH SPORT partner cities organise training sessions on the prevention of discriminatory violence for local practitioners

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discri carréParis, France, April 2021 – The MATCH SPORT project’s six partner cities, three expert organisations and Efus, the project leader, organised training sessions on the prevention of discriminatory violence for local practitioners, municipal staff and their local partners, between November 2020 and March 2021.

Training sessions based on the MATCH SPORT training kit…

The project’s partner cities – Liège (BE), Lisbon (PT), Loano (IT), Maranello (IT), Nea Propontida (GR) and Valence (FR) – used the training kit produced by the project experts and Efus to design these awareness-raising training sessions, which were held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

… and adapted to each partner city

The project had previously determined four training objectives:

  • Provide tools for the local partners who are in contact with potential victims (sport clubs, youth and sport associations, schools…);
  • Share knowledge and foster cooperation among local actors;
  • Build lasting trust among all the involved actors;
  • Adapt the training sessions to the specific contexts of each municipality.

Based on these objectives, each partner city selected the themes they wanted to work on. The experts then created the training content based on the partner cities’ needs and resources, as well as on their local approaches to preventing discrimination.

In total, four training sessions, each comprising two modules, were organised for the six partner cities (Loano/Maranello and Liège/Valence organised joint sessions).

A variety of sporting disciplines

Participants came from a large array of sporting disciplines – team, contact, ball, water sports, etc. –, showing that discriminatory violence is not specific to any sport in particular but rather linked to the ways of thinking and values of sport practitioners and their entourage.

Following the training sessions, participants in the six municipalities all said they wanted to keep exchanging and working together to prevent discriminatory violence. Although there are significant differences among these municipalities, some of which already have prevention programmes specifically targeted at sports, all agreed that it is important to raise awareness among parents and to train coaches. Indeed, coaches should teach not only the technical aspects of sport but also its core values such as tolerance and fair play.

> A summary of the training sessions and the partners’ feedback will feature in the MATCH SPORT final publication, which will be available in the second semester of 2021
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