Efus web conferences on Innovation in urban security: Going into our third round

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light bulbIn 2018, Efus set up a working group on Security and Innovation that seeks to harness the opportunities of smart and hyper connected cities to improve crime prevention and urban security. The purpose is to share reflections and insights on innovative social strategies and technologies that can be applied to urban security. We consider that innovation includes not only technological tools but also social ones. We understand innovation in urban security as new solutions and new ways of approaching existing and emerging problems. These tools can aim to facilitate the understanding of problems, the definition of solutions, and the implementation and evaluation of interventions. At their core, the innovations are about shifting towards a co-production of urban security policies, both in their development and in their implementation.

logo_colorsAfter two rounds of web conferences and a steady growth of our audience we want to continue building on the work done so far. In the last three sessions we talked about feelings of insecurity at night, crime alerting applications and the use of drones in cities. As was the case for the first series of conferences, these sessions benefited greatly from the research done in the Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) Project, which aims to enable police and relevant local and national authorities to reduce the impact of petty crime and, where possible, prevent it from occurring in the first place. With the project entering its implementation phase, we now want to give the partners the opportunity to explain what they have learned and present the tools they have developed.

At the same time we continue deepening our understanding and exploring new angles of topics already discussed, such as crime prediction through artificial intelligence and the impact of feelings of insecurity. We are looking forward to welcoming all of you in these conversations and will continue to provide additional resources for our members on Efus network.

Session 1
Security by design: how to render public spaces
both safe and open to all

  • 31 March

On March 31st we joined forces with another EU project to discuss the merits of security by design. Looking at the work done in this field by CCI and PACTESUR we explored how this approach can deter petty crime and mitigate terrorist threats in public spaces.

> learn more about the outcomes of the session by reading our article

Session 2
How to ensure a fair and transparent use of AI technologies?

  • 5 May, 14:00 – 15:00 CET

During this session, we will look at how to ensure a fair and transparent use of AI technologies. We will discuss the ethical and social risks of automated decision making but also look beyond predictive policing. In what other ways is AI used on the local level? What safeguards can be put into place to ensure ethical use of this technology?

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Session 3
Community Policing – what findings and solutions from the Cutting Crime Impact Project?

  • 9 June, 14:00 – 15:00 CET

Police-IMG_4105During this session, the working group will give the floor to two local CCI partners that have worked on community policing. We will discuss the tools that they have developed and explore how community policing can help build sustainable local relations.

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The objective of the working group continues to be the provision of information on new methodologies, tools and experiences that are tailored to the changing security needs of our members. We are looking forward to welcoming you again to our web conferences and on Efus Network to continue discussing old, new and emerging topics.


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>> Pauline Lesch, programme manager, lesch@efus.eu
>> Pilar de la Torre, programme manager, delatorre@efus.eu

Flag_of_Europe.svgThe project CCI is financed 100% by the Horizon 2020 Security Research Programme of the European Commission